Rosas danst Rosas | © Jean-Luc Tanghe

Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Dancers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Tale Dolven, Elizaveta Penkova, Sue-Yeon Youn

Music Thierry De Mey, Peter Vermeersch

“A major figure in the world of contemporary dance” (New York Times), Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker burst onto the international dance scene in the early 1980s with Fase, a jaw-dropping work to music by Steve Reich that put the contemporary dance world on notice. “The audience sat dumbfounded,” the Village Voice said. “It was as if a new species of choreographer had appeared out of nowhere.” Since that time, she has gone from strength to strength, creating fascinating works of cool sensibility and spare beauty, and winning legions of fans across Europe and the United States.

This summer, in a return to her choreographic roots, De Keersmaeker, along with her Belgium–based dance company, Rosas, revisits four of her iconic early works—Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich (1982); Rosas danst Rosas (1983); Elena’s Aria (1984); and Bartók/Mikrokosmos (1987), with live music by Ictus—each a seminal event in the development of one of contemporary dance’s greatest personalities and as exciting and striking today as they were at their premieres.

“A choreographer who makes you think and feel at the same time and who makes you conscious of both processes is rare. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker [is] a member of that breed.”

New York Times

“It hasn’t lost anything of its original power. Riveting and exhausting, fascinating and relentless, brilliant and tedious, it is a mesmerizing exploration of synchronicity, patterning and rhythm.”

New York Times on Rosas danst Rosas

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Rosas danst Rosas

July 11–12 at 8:00
Gerald W. Lynch Theater

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